How we make your data safe and secure

MDC data-security

We deliver our online service in an honest, reliable and professional manner. Since data privacy and security are of high concern nowadays, it is our top priority in My Dental Clinic to comply with all existing and applicable laws especially the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA.

MDC Data security

Data security

Worried about the safety of your patient information? We use top-notch servers with data security level honed to perfection to keep your patient database out of reach of unauthorized people.

MDC Access Roles

Access Roles

We at My Dental Clinic Web allows you to assign multiple users to have access to your account. However, there are restrictions on data viewing and editing rights as you appoint specific roles to each of your users.

MDC Shield Database

Shield Database

You own every dental practice record in your account and keeping it safe is one of our commitment. We use servers with leading cybersecurity measures to protect your database.

MDC Encrypted Sensitive Information

Encrypted Sensitive Information

We follow all accepted safety standards to protect personally identifiable information submitted to us.

MDC SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption

We encrypt every information entered into My Dental Clinic to the cloud using the latest secure socket layer technology - SSL AES 256.

MDC Automatic Backups

Automatic Backups

A daily backup routine will help save your dental practice data so no important patient record will get lost.

MDC Data Ownership

Data Ownership

You own the data you encode in My Dental Clinic. You are free to download your whole database anytime you want.

Session Logout

Session Logout

Inactivity for a certain period automatically logs you out of your account to ensure no one else can see your patient data or any work in progress.

MDC Sincere Service

Sincere Service

We guarantee My Dental Clinic can execute numerous dental management options and eliminates hassle to be as user-friendly as possible but remains fully secure for your patient database.

how we handle data

How We Handle Your Data

Our promises on how we take care of your dental data.

  • We will never generate a copy of, amend or access your dental data without your permission.
  • You can make copies of your files.
  • All patient data are automatically backed up to the cloud.
  • Only users with granted access can manage your dental patient data but with restrictions based on assigned roles.

Support for Users

The users you created to help you manage your patient data should follow these guidelines to ensure data privacy:

  • Never share login information with others.
  • Create passwords that are difficult to decipher. Use both letters, numbers and special characters for your password.
  • Make sure to log out of your account after using it.
  • Always update the app to keep up with the latest enhancement.
how we handle data