My Dental Clinic helps dentists manage their patients and clinic. Dentists can keep a database of their patient’s record. These include personal information, dental charts, dental notes, and appointments. They can also attach dental images and keep a record of patient payments. A dentist can also call or send SMS directly from the contact number of the patient. Appointments can be saved directly to your Android/IOS calendar.

My Dental Clinic is designed for single users. It works well on phones or tablets. It also has a new design for easy navigation and use.

There are two types of plans to choose from – FREE and PLUS.

FREE plan features include:

  • Multi-language ability – Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese
  • Back up data in the phone’s memory or cloud storage like Gdrive, iCloud, etc.
  • Add patient information and view patient's list.
  • Add and view appointments on the calendar.
  • Sync appointment to mobile phone’s calendar.
  • Search patient by first or last name, mobile number.
  • Add patient contact number to your phone’s contact list.
  • Add patient’s dental notes and medical history.
  • Select and add multiple teeth in the dental chart.
  • Upload patient’s dental images and ability to zoom in.
  • Add patient’s cash payment.
  • Contact patient by message, call or email.
  • Access My Dental Clinic offline.

PLUS plan features have all the basic features and:

  • Sync to 1 device only.
  • Send SMS for upcoming appointments.
  • 5GB of data
  • Data stored on My Dental Clinic cloud servers.
  • Restore and download backup data.
  • Create a copy of your patient information in PDF format.
  • Installment payment
  • Add and track your dental clinic expenses.
  • Access data in My Dental Clinic Website Version.
  • PIN code to lock and protect patient dental data.
  • Ability to disconnect the second device.
  • Ability to create patient prescription.